The Isla Grant Show – 2012 New Zealand Tour


The Isla Grant Show

Scottish born singer-songwriter Isla Grant returns to New Zealand in 2012 with a fresh look and brand new show. Isla’s beautiful voice together with an ability to write sensitive songs that cross over from country/folk to easy listening have now established her as a major recording artist in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Also featured is Al Grant, her equally talented husband who will sing several songs on his own accord together with duets with Isla and at the same time, providing his irrepressible humour. Also featured is the star of the recent “Music and Life of John Denver” show, Bevan Gardiner who is a talented singer headed for international stardom.

The show is backed by an array of international musicians including keyboards, steel guitar, lead guitar, fiddle/mandolin, percussion, bass and piper. State of the Art sound, lighting and audio visual effects make 2012 The Isla Grant Show a truly international presentation.


Isla Grant and Event Entertainment Ltd wish to thank all patrons of The Isla Grant Show 2012!


14 Responses to The Isla Grant Show – 2012 New Zealand Tour

  1. Noel Parry (Radio Southland) says:

    Please advise dates etc. as soon as available.
    Noel Parry
    Country Music Presenter
    Radio Southland 96.4 FM

  2. Beth Millar says:

    what is the cost of tickets for the Isla Grant show in Timaru and where can these tickets be purchased?

    Thank you

  3. Jennie Rennie says:

    Please mcan you tell me the price of seats for the Nelson Concerts.
    Thank you Jennie

  4. Showinfo says:

    As above Noel, regards Event Entertainment.

  5. Showinfo says:

    Hi Beth & Jennie, the details have been added above. Kind regards, Event Entertainment.

  6. anne ledbury says:

    will Isla be doing a show in palmerston north please

  7. Gina Peiffer says:

    Getting my dad tickets for the Southwards concert..his Fathers day pressie :D
    Wish i could go as well…

  8. Michael Kennard says:

    Hello Isla and Al,

    I personnaly attended the show in Hamilton on the 31/10/2010 and did not realise I could of met Isla in person which I had just missed on but through her managerial side I was able to get 2 of her CD’s I had bought and autographed by her .

    It was certainly a Shame I missed seeing her in person as I could relate to her music and her story through life with family as also to my own experiences and there was so much I wanted to say to Isla and Al and share the love in many ways that they shared through their show touching many many hearts of many people who attend the show with the talent they have as Husband and Wife with their songs together with the musicians that accompany them on their tour.

    The talent is at such an extreme end of the scale this is a tour no one should miss for the world and this couple will continue to touch the hearts of many world wide together with the music that has and is being produced as the morals ,messages and themes the words sung will never die but continue to live on in our hearts

    Wish you well Isla,Al ,management and band on your tours and never stop your performing around the World as you are one of the best talents and artist the world could ask for with perfection

    Kind Regards Mie Kennard with all my love with the hearts you are touching God Bless

  9. Wilma Wilson says:

    Fantastic show Fantastic Lady will be awaiting Isla’s return to Hamilton. This is the reason I love Country Music and her songs always have meanings to them and are easy to listen to. We hope to hear more od her and All the next time they come.
    All the best for the rest of the tour. A great Lady who has come so far

  10. Tricia says:

    Hi I am excited to see Isla is coming back to New Zealand. Will she be having concerts in Auckland, Pukekohe ???
    Regards Tricia

  11. Wendy says:

    Please…please can Isla come to Masterton again this Tour? My parents couldnt go last time and we could not (and still cannot) stop the regret. They cant travel

  12. Showinfo says:

    Sorry Wendy, Isla wont be visiting Masterton this time around.

  13. Showinfo says:

    Hi Tricia, Isla will be on the North Shore at the Bruce Mason Centre on Monday the 29th of October. Unfortunately there will be no other Auckland performances this year. regards Event Entertainment

  14. Nic says:

    I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail on behalf of my 6 year old son Lachlan who thanks to Nana and Grandma is a huge fan! His birthday is on the 11th November and Grandma has spent $70 and brought him a ticket to see your show in Invercargill!

    I just wanted to let you know that he loves your music, knows the words to a heap of your songs, and I was wondering if it might be at all possible for you to maybe wish him a happy birthday at the Invercargill show on the 11th November?

    I’m sure (in the nicest way possible) he will be the youngest person in the audience!!

    Because of his age I got 3 tickets (1 for Lachlan, 1 for Grandma and 1 for Nana) upstairs in the front row of the circle area. Hopefully because he is sitting in the front seat he should get to see your show all okay and don’t be surprised if you can hear a wee fella singing away with you!!

    I hope your tour goes well and you have a great time in New Zealand and Invercargill.

    Thanks for your time.

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